My name is Elisa Ragazzini, I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and web developer based in Milan, Italy. Also, I'm an ISTP.
I strive to be involved in inspiring projects of various kind, with a focus on design & technology.
Currently at Bending Spoons.
When I’m not at work or browsing Muzli, you can find me:
  • playing Heroes of the Storm (90% of times)
  • in a bookstore
  • punching things and people (at the gym)
  • reading a crime novel
  • downloading indie videogames that I probably won’t play
Elisa ( alias Lisiri ) here.
I design and code interfaces and websites in Milan, sometimes making illustrations and graphic design too.
Get in touch if you want to build something awesome together.
You can find me on Twitter, peek at some work-in-progress on Instagram, see my projects on Behance and connect with me on LinkedIn.